Sexting – New Teen Trends

A new phenomenon is sweeping the country, at least the teen population. This phenomenon, known as sexting, is raising concern amongst parents and educators. Sexting, the act of engaging in an explicit exchange of messages via texting, seems much less harmless than other forms of intimacy. According to some teenagers, those engaged in sexting often exchange intimate messages and arrange for “conjugal visits.”

Experts say sexting gives teens mixed messages about the nature of love, and are encouraging parents to become active in trying to stop it. Some teens have cited that they have reframed from engaging in such behavior because a discussion with their parents often turns into an interrogation session. Other kids are taking a very different stand. They assert that they should be entitled to their privacy, and that sexting is no exception.

However, this alleged “private” nature of sexing is subject to debate. The truth of the matter is that messages which are exchanged during sexting can fall in the laps of others as the push of a button. Do you really want someone getting a hold of an intimate message that was intended for someone else? Boys are especially guilty of such behavior, often taking pictures and other intimate content exchanged during sexting and posting it online or otherwise sharing it with their friends.

Sexting is an epidemic that is sweeping the nation which needs to be stop. It is sending children an entirely skewed message in regard to the nature of love, and is piercing the veil of intimate privacy which they should be entitled to. Parents need to take active roles and talk to their children about their cell phone activity. The dangers of sexting need to be discussed and other ways of showing intimacy need to be explored. There are far more constructive outlets of achieving this rather than via sexting.

3 thoughts on “Sexting – New Teen Trends

  1. Mary

    It’s no big deal, they need to stop trying to control everything.

  2. Mary-is-stupid

    Look, Mary, it is a big deal! “often taking pictures and other intimate content exchanged during sexting and posting it online or otherwise sharing it with their friends.” Do you relly want a pic of you doing something dirty on the INTERNET…were EVERY ONE can see it?? What if your parents see it? You will be in big shit.

  3. Person-making-fun-of-mary-is-dumb

    No, actually, it’s not a big deal.

    1. Parents should respect their children’s privacy.
    2. Don’t show your friends your texts, or just delete them if you don’t feel safe.
    3. Possibly re-evaluate who your good friends are so your sexting debacles won’t end up online.
    4. People really do need to stop trying to control everything.

    Take your comments and gtfo Maryhater.

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