San Diego Earthquake – Twitter Shines

2010 san diego earthquake

In the chaos that surrounded the 6.9 magnitude San Diego earthquake which struck near Baja, California, Twitter users took to the internet to post pictures of various structures and roadways that were damaged by the quake. One of the more memorable pictures features a home that toppled over on itself due to the intense shaking from the quake. We have no word as to whether or not the homeowners were inside as the quake unfolded. Another photo taken by a user who appears to live near the Mexicali area showed an extensively damaged roadway. These pictures are a bit unsettling, especially after many of us closely followed the news coverage about the Haitian and Chilean quakes. Although one death has sadly been confirmed in this quake, there are no reports of extensive injuries.

The fact that this quake struck during the Easter holiday goes to show just how unpredictable mother nature can be, and how vulnerable we can be when caught off guard. Take this time to reflect on your preparedness plan. Experts have been cautioning California residents for years that a monster quake could hit at any moment. The San Andreas fault is continuing to build momentum, and when the time does come for it to give, California’s residents need to be ready.

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