– Online Police Auctions

Those of you that are fans of online auction sites may find your home away from home. is an online website that auctions off merchandise that’s been in posession of police departments. These items have been stored in property rooms for one reason or another. Since departments are legally bound to clean out these rooms, some turned to the internet for help. Most departments have lost money attempting to clean out these rooms, and thus cyberspace has been considered by many to be a possible solution to this problem. has allowed departments nationwide to showcase their goods online, and thus hopefully make profit from them. Some departments that have already started participating in include some from Cincinnati and Hamilton. Most items require that a prospective buyer place a bid, after all this is an auction site. However, you some items also have a buy it now feature where the purchaser can directly purchase the item.

Those that have used have praised it as a real money saver. One customer saved nearly $350 by choosing to purchase an item from is the brainchild of a police detective from New York. He noticed that many departments were losing money when trying to sell the items they had on hand in their property rooms.

Those that may see items stolen from there home on the site can actually get them back. However, there is a catch involved. You do indeed have to verify in one form or another that the item was once yours. If not, it is still up for grabs by anyone who is willing to place a bid for it on has a large assortment of many different items. One can buy anything from a dehumidifier, to a television set. Police agencies that use the service don’t auction off all of the items in their property rooms. Some items that don’t fall within a certain criteria are typically destroyed.

We think is an excellent idea and one that should have been purused sooner. It’ll ease up the resources departments need to use to auction items they have on hand and also allow them to garner more profits from them when it comes time to auction them off. Overall, is truly worth a look and a service we’d consider using.

Many of the items we took a peek at looked to be really undervalued. If you happen to need anything, whether it be for your home or a gift, we encourage you to head over to to check out their inventory. You will be impressed and will return for more.

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