Phloem Bundle

Internet surfers are at it again searching frantically for phloem bundle. Most people are completely unaware as to what phloem bundle is. It is the string part of a banana that allows the fruit to reap its nutrients. Where people are getting the idea to search for phloem bundle is beyond us. Typically, our visitors find their way here as a result of a show that introduced such as word. Wherever you may have heard about the phloem bundle, you now actually know what it is.

If somebody would like to pinpoint the exact source of this phloem bundle mania, please go ahead and leave a comment below. We always like to connect with our readers to provide further information to those that come after them. There is a limited amount of material on phloem bundle currently available online, thus we are unable to uncover the exact source of this search frenzy.

A popular banana provider, Chiquita, has a bit of information about phloem bundles on it’s website. However, it merely glosses over the subject. If there is something specific that’s caught the public attention on phloem bundles, please let it be known below.

5 thoughts on “Phloem Bundle

  1. Allan

    I’m guessing it came from the same source that I got it from,
    “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire”. It was one of the questions.
    I saw it air in Atlanta today, Feb 4, 2009.
    Strange world we’ve gotten ourselves into…

  2. Sue

    Same show but it aired here in the Los Angeles area today, February 5th. God bless the Internet. Everything is findable.

  3. Jack

    I know about phloem, which is the vascular tissue of the plant that allows nutrients and food to be distributed to other parts of the plant. The other one is xylem, another vascular tissue that allows water and other materials to travel from the roots. Collectively they are called vascular bundles. What is this I hear about phloem being poisonous?

  4. Bob

    phloem bundles were mentioned on “Letters and Numbers” an Australian SBS program Monday Feb 7, 2012

  5. Floem Brundle

    I got to the site because I typed, “floem bundles” into a search engine to see if it was spelled with an F or a PH.
    I learned the term, phloem bundle, yesterday when I typed, what are the strings on a banana called?”
    I had a banana for lunch and got curious.

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