Montecito Brush Fire Prompting Evacuations

A brush fire that broke out in the Montecito area in what is known as “tony enclave” is prompting voluntary evacuations on behalf of residents. Three separate fire departments are believed to be battling the blaze, which began sometime around six this afternoon. The fire grew rather quickly, and thus made it difficult for firefighters to get an upper hand.

No homes have yet burned in Montecito area, however many residents are evacuating on voluntary basis. Power is believed to be out in parts of the area due to the fire. In the coming hours, things don’t look very good. High winds are likely to spread the Montecito fire into nearby areas.

Montecito is an upper-class neighborhood near Santa Barbara that’s riddled with expensive homes and fabulous views. Stars including Oprah Winfrey own homes in this upper-class area.

Firefighters have yet to receive any information pertaining to the size of the fire. However, the Montecito fire is expected to grow as a result of the strong winds hitting the area.

We hope that Montecito residents exercise good judgment before deciding to remain in the area overnight. As a precaution, residents should be ready to leave at a moments notice, for the strong nature of the winds makes the situation rather unpredictable.

UPDATE: Aerial footage has indeed confirmed that a home has fallen victim to the Montecito fire.

This fire has now been named the Tea fire. The Tea fire has now managed to destroy some mansions located in the Motecito area. Current estimates put the Montecito, or Tea fire, at 300 or so acres. However, the fire might grow due to the high-velocity winds in the area. Power is now not available to some 20,000 residents in the area, as the fire is believed to have knocked down some power lines. Edison is believed to be addressing these outages.

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