Matthews Octuplets

The Matthews octuplets were up until today the only octuplet children in the world. However, the Matthews octuplets are now facing some competition. Some octuplets born in a Los Angeles-based Kaiser Permanente hospital are the second set of octuplets to exist, right behind the Matthews octuplets. The family which gave born to the new octuplets has yet to release their family name.

The Matthews octuplets’ competition were born this morning, weighing in anywhere from 2 pounds to nearly 4 pounds. All of the new octuplets are said to be doing very well. Staff at the hospital prepared in prior weeks for the pregnancy. Seeing as there was a high risk for trouble, the staff didn’t want to fall victim to unanticipated circumstances.

More information about the new octuplets now second to the Matthews octuplets will become available in the coming days. We are happy to know all the children are doing well and hope the family will get some time to spend with one another. The Matthews octuplets’ family has yet to comment on their newfound “competitors.”

6 thoughts on “Matthews Octuplets

  1. carolyn shields

    I couldnt be happier for the parents. I wish them much LOVE HAPPINESS and JOY. CONGRATULATIONS

  2. Bee

    The Matthews octuplets are not really octuplets. You should check your facts before making posts like that. That site is a gymnastics site for a tumbling group.

  3. Heather Dawn

    They absolutely are octuplets. They were all born on August 8, 1984 in the Rome area. Yes, most of them tumble, but they are also siblings born on the same day, and there are eight of them, which makes them octuplets.

  4. Jocelyne Dever

    What I don’t understand is that all news reports said this was only the second time octuplets were born alive, but what about the Texas octuplets?

  5. Paige Copeland

    One of the Texas octuplets died a week after birth. That’s why the site refers to the California octuplets as only the second living octuplets.

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