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UPDATE: Many people have been searhing for “Mariana Brindi” to learn of what has happened to Mariana. Her last name is spelled Bridi, not Brindi. Any news source that is spelling her name Mariana Brindi should not be heavily trusted. So for those of you that have the spelling skewed, it’s Mariana Bridi not Mariana Brindi. Some of the other common mispellings we’ve found include: mariana brandi, mariana brindis, mariana brindi da costa. Anyone who has the name incorrect should get it fixed asap.

Mariana Bridi Da Costa, a Brazilian model that had her hands and feet amputated earlier this week, died today due to complications stemming from a bacterial infection. The Mariana Bridi Da Costa prognosis was not good from the very beginning. Doctors had initially diagnosed Mariana Bridi Da Costa with kidney stones. However, it was later discovered that the Brazilian model was actually suffering from fatal bacterial infection which was likely brought about from a urinary tract infection the model was suffering from. Looking at Mariana Bridi Da Costa pictures, it’s really sad to think about all this girl had going for her, and how in an instant it was all taken from here. The Mariana Bridi Da Costa really show just how much of a beautiful girl Mariana was, and just how well fit she was for the modeling industry.

Mariana Bridi Da Costa has been in a medicalyl induced coma for some weeks now. Doctors hoped that this would give a shot at making a recovery. Family members communicated with Mariana Bridi Da Costa through eye contact. She had made it clear that she wanted to live, despite the fact that the disease had wrought substantial havoc on her body. Mariana Bridi Da Costa was administered noradrenaline in hopes that it would assist in her recovery.

At one point during her hosptial internment, Doctors had estimated Mariana Bridi Da Costa had only 24 hours to live. However, she managed to pull through, something that many claim was a miracle.

Mariana Bridi Da Costa first fell ill this December, when she reported having flu-like symptoms. Flu symptoms are common in people suffering from the condition Mariana Bridi Da Costa had. When the infection progressed, Mariana Bridi Da Costa’s doctors decided that they would have to remove her kidneys. Had Mariana Bridi Da Costa made a recovery, she would have been subjected to periodic dialysis treatments.

Mariana Bridi Da Costa was first interned in the hospital on Jan. 3rd. Unforunately, she has not made it out alive.

Fans of Mariana Bridi Da Costa worldwide have showed their dedication for the model. When doctors required a rare form of blood to keep Mariana Bridi Da Costa alive, some 100 people donated towards the cause. This really gives you some perspective as to how much this Brazilian model was loved.

Our prayers are with the family as they deal with the loss of this beautiful and talented model. The Mariana Bridi Da Costa story is a sad one, however, it really does show you just how fragile life can be. One day you have everything going for you, and the next it is taken away. Mariana Bridi Da Costa will live in our hearts.

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