Jetblue 10 Dollar Flights


The folks at JetBlue are at it again, offering their customers a deep deep discount for certain flights. This latest Jetblue 10 Dollar Flights promotion is set to take place tomorrow up until Wednesday. JetBlue is an national airline, so don’t expect to be flying to France or Germany for $10. This promotion applies to non-stop flights headed to 59 different destinations throughout the United States. As you might imagine, the low price is only in effect while supplies last. If you don’t get on this promotion soon, it is unlikely you’ll be able to grab any of the remaining seats. JetBlue is offering this amazing deal as part of their 10th anniversary celebration. The airline has been one of the first to offer customers such an amazing incentive to fly.

Are there any strings attached to this Jetblue 10 Dollar Flights deal? Well only one – you have to book your tickets online. The official JetBlue website has all the information you need to get started, just be sure to login right now. As people start coming home from work, there servers are sure to be swamped with people trying to get their slice of the pie. You can visit JetBlue by following this link. Try to reload the site if loading carries on at a slow rate.

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