Jackson Pollock’s Birthday

Those of you who’ve visited Google today may be curious as to what the Google logo has transformed to. Well, today is Jackson Pollock’s birthday, and Google has decided to transform their logo to reflect that. Jackson Pollock is a painter who played a noticeable role in the abstract expressionist movement. Jackson Pollock’s birthday is celebrated worldwide as many consider him to be a very talented and influential painter.

The image which Google has included on their homepage is known as Jackson Pollock’s “One: Number 31, 1950”. This painting is currently available for viewing at the Metropolitan museum. Considering that today is Jackson Pollock’s birthday, we would venture to guess that the museum is quite crowded today with people hoping to catch a glimpse of these timeless masterpiece.

Jackson Pollock’s studio was centered in New York, and his most famous paintings were released in what is now known as the “drip period.” This period lasted from 1947 up until 1950. Jackson Pollock rose to widespread fame in August of 1949, when he was featured in Life Magazine.

Following 1951, Jackson Pollock’s style shifted a bit and he began to make use of much darker colors in his paintings. In this period, he began working in a commercial gallery. Jackson Pollock was a known alcoholic and during this period, his disease only worsened.

Jackson Pollock ceased on August 11th 1956 as a result of an alcohol-related car accident.

We ask that you educate yourself about Jackson Pollock during Jackson Pollock’s birthday, as he was quite an influential figure and one that is very much so worth learning about. Make use of Jackson Pollock’s birthday and learn a bit more!

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