Hilo Bay Web Cam

Residents of the state of Hawaii are waiting anxiously as officials anticipate a tsunami to come on shore. Last night, an earthquake measuring 8.8 on the ricter scale struck in Chile, killing nearly 300 of its residents, according to the latest news reports. Buildings in the area have received extensive damage. The earthquake in Chile has sparked tsunami advisories and warnings for regions that rest along the Pacific coast, including Hawaii and California. Many media outlets are now streaming video from a Hilo Bay web cam, that is showing the first set of waves making their way to the island. According to experts, tsunami waves can become progressively worse as they arrive in a series. No damage has been reported to any of Hawaii’s islands, however, worry is from from complete dissipation. Residents of the island will have to wait and see what sort of punch the next waves have.

Recovery efforts in Chile are currently in full swing. According to officials, all hospitals are open for operation despite the extensive damage many of them have sustained. According to the UN spokesperson for the country, schools were slated to open over the coming week. He has said the country has the resources needed to recover.

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