Update: Some of our readers have chimed in, pointing us to the source of the huge traffic spike for the search term gushcrop. Apparently, a spam text message was distributed by the owners of the gushcrop (dot) com domain, and thus recipients became curious as who the sender exactly was. This site markets adult enhancement products and we would recommend readers stay far away from it. (Notice how we’ve failed to include a URL to the actual site). If anyone has additional details which they can furnish us, you can go ahead and comment below. We have not verified whether the gushcrop site is infested with viruses or other malicious applications/scripts. However, be aware that it is not included in Google’s search index (or otherwise you would have seen their site in the top search result). This, we once again recommend that you veer far from it. Our readers have reported recieving the text message from a barrage of different e-mail addresses. This merely indicates that it is indeed spam with a fake return address. To protect your mobile devices, please refrain from opening a message dealing with gushcrop.

Today internet surfers are searching for a rather obscure term known as gushcrop. We have attempted to conduct some research on gushcrop and have yet to turn up any sort of information. This is one of those searches that bears absolutely no explanation. We’ve yet to come across a site that knows what gushcrop. Google was very lacking in its ability to give us information pertaining to gushcrop, so once again we’re asking for your help.

If you know anything about gushcrop, you’re asked to leave a comment here. We’ve had a tremendous number of our visitors help us compile information on such obscure searches as gushcrop, and were once again asking for the help of our visitors. There are a countless number of people currently searching for gushcrop, and we would like to provide them with some relevant and timely information. So, if you are in posession of any information pertaining to gushcrop, we ask that you let us know by leaving a comment below.

8 thoughts on “Gushcrop

  1. Dwight Reneer

    i got a text message on my cell phone today said [sup]mike said to check this out qabc.gushcrop from ralph@reallyism i never heard of mike and i don’t know how he got my cell phone #

  2. -

    I received a text message on my phone today reading

    “(how) dan told me you want to see this”

    The sender was from “”

    I searched gushcrop on Google and was led here.

    I have not gone to the website that was sent to me in fear of a virus.

    Really weird situation.

  3. Nicole

    I just got a text message that I did not want to open from and I could see in the summary (gushcrop. com) I am trying to find out what this is and where it came from.

  4. Marsha

    My Family received this text message on 3 different phones, all telling us someone thought we want to see this, the addresses were:
    I like others do not know how they got our numbers.
    Hope someone finds out something soon.

  5. bob

    —– SMS Text ——
    Sent: Jan 31, 2009 13:47
    Subject: (gushcrop.

    (gushcrop. com) brian said you want to see this

    almost fell for it as i have an associate “brian” that might have had something ! ! ! something just felt a little queer about it.

  6. Mike

    I got one from, Jesse said to send it to me. Did a search and found nothing except this site. Very annoyed at the whole thing! Now how much more of this garbage am I going to get?

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