Flatwater, Whitewater Olympics

With the Olympics just starting, many people have taken an interest in flatwater and whitewater olympics (essentially the same thing). Flatwater racing is a competitive type of canoeing where oppenents race each other. The water on which the flatwater olympics will be conducted needs to be more or less straight. Flatwater racing is one of the major highlights of the summer olympics.

The course where the flatwater olympics will be held will likely be seperated by several lanes, each for a particular participant. The body of water used in the race needs to be calm and steady.

Flatwater racing was first made a part of the Olympics in 1936, and is an Olympic activity that both men and women participate in. The flatwater olympics this year will feature several canoe and kayaking events. These events are either double or single events (in regard to the number of people per canoe/kayak). The distances for the events will range anywhere from 200 to 1000m.

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