Curt Nelson University of Minnesota – Bigfoot scientist

Tom Biscardi, the head of the company making shocking claims that they’ve discovered the body of bigfoot, gave Curt Nelson of the University of Minnesota tissue samples of the creature for him to study and subsequently make presentations on in today’s bigfoot press conference. However, yesterday Curt Nelson of the University of Minnesota told ABC (who was planning to closely cover the press conference) that it’d be likely he would have little if anything to showcase at the bigfoot press conference.

Nelson believes his word wouldn’t do much to convince the world that the discovery is in fact real. He believes that a team of scientists need to be assembled to collect DNA from the creature. In this way, the research conducted on the creature would be unbiased.

Curt Nelson of the University of Minnesota claims that he alone wouldn’t even get close to changing the publics’ mind on the issue. Nelson says that the persons who discovered the body should showcase it to the public, as that’s what everyone’s interested in – not tissue samples.

Tom Biscardi, however, has different plans. He wants to keep the body hidden while scientists piece away at it. We think this is actually a gimmick to buy him more time. Actually, it turns out that it is his way to cash out on the bigfoot creature. Biscardi plans to document the study of the creature on video and later down the line sell it as a documentary. Who would’ve thought?

In light of this recent news with Curt Nelson of the University of Minnesota, we still remain skeptical about this whole story. The fact that the team refused to show the body at the bigfoot press conference really makes us believe that this whole story is nothing but lies. Further, Biscardi’s choice to keep the body hidden is just more of an indicator that this is a stunt of enormous sorts. It seems his current interest is to cash out on the creature wherever he can. We’ll continue to keep everyone posted as this very interesting bigfoot story continues to unfold, with pretty expected twists and turns.

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