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Craigslist not working – problem fixed

By admin on August 10, 2008 | Listed under General, Shopping | 15 Comments |

We’ve been receiving reports that classified news giant Craigslist is not working. This shouldn’t panic anyone as Craiglist may be working to upgrade parts of their site. Craigslist not working should be a mere temporary disturbance, as the site will likely be available soon. For most of us, the craigslist not working symptoms are only applying to specific listings. Those who’ve been trying to access these listings (which mostly consist of job and house listings) have been recieving error messages.

Craigslist has yet to comment on the issue with their site. Thus, we suspect they are working hard at trying to alleviate it. In the meantime, we ask everyone to be patient and not get carried away trying to access the affected listings. This could make the problem more difficult to correct for Craigslist personnel.

A quick update – the Craigslist site is available once again for use. We still have no idea what exactly caused the craigslist not working issue, or how long the issue actually persisted for. However, one shouldn’t be concerned with this as the site is now back up and supposedly fully functional. We hope that the downtime hasn’t been a significant imposition to anyone.

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