California Earthquake April 4 2010

mexicali earthquake 2010

A powerful earthquake rocked Southern California today, measuring an alarming 6.9 on the Ricter Scale. The earthquake was epicentered near San Diego County in Mexicali. According to officials working at the USGS, this area had been experiencing an unusual amount of sesmic activity this past week. As of current, only one fatality has been reported. Reports of some injuries have also surfaced. The earthquake hit at approximately 3:40 p.m PST and could be felt as far as Las Vegas, NV. Some pictures of structural damage near Mexicali have been posted online, although no official reports have confirmed the validity of these photographs. Theme park Disneyland in Orange County was temporarily closed as workers inspected rides for damage and potentially trapped passengers. As of this writing, it was unclear whether preliminary inspections uncovered any malfunctions. Videos posted on the popular video sharing site YouTube showed pools overflowing due to shaking from the earthquake.

People living within areas that felt the quake took it to Twitter to post some very graphic pictures of damages their homes sustained. One particular picture showed the second story of a home caving in on itself. One area also showed an extensive amount of road damage following the quake.

As you might imagine, everyone has been on edge since the two major earthquakes that rocked the nations of Haiti and Chile within weeks of each other. A number of fatalities and injuries have resulted from these powerful quakes, as has an immense outpouring of aid from the United States and other nations.

Now is a better time than ever to review your earthquake preparedness plan with your family members. Officials have been warning for a considerable amount of time that the “big one” is due at any moment. With this recent string of earthquakes around the world, it would be unwise not to get an emergency procedure together.

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