BP Gaining Headway in Fight to Contain Oil Spill

oil rig

BP officials are working desperately to try and get a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico under control as it continues to seep barrel after barrel of oil into the pacific ocean. The spill started following an explosion on an oil platform and has continued to rage on nearly 30 days later. Despite efforts to contain the spill, nothing has panned out quite as expected. The most recent effort to quell the spill has involved the use of a mile long tube used to redirect the oil to the surface of the water. BP crews managed to attach the end of this tube to one of the pipes leaking oil under the Pacific ocean. They are now working to burn off the natural gas released by the underwater pipe. According to the Wall Street Journal, there are nearly 500 BP crew members actively working at the site of the spill trying to contain it. Some critics continue to charge that the giant hasn’t been doing enough to address the problem. Questions continue to mount as to why measures weren’t taken to have prevented the initial explosion that caused the mess.

Even if the latest technique does work, it is not a permanent solution. Oil will continue to surge out of the pipe until it is properly clogged. BP estimates that this could take at least two months.

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