Barack Obama – First US Black President Elected

Barack Obama was elected the first African American president of the United States today, taking an astounding lead over Republican rival John McCain. Obama will go down in history as the 44th president of the United States, the first to be of African American descent.

Obama was able to garner the vote of many Republican states, predominantly Ohio. No Republican was ever able to win the White House without Ohio.

Senator John McCain congratulated Obama over his victory, urging supporters to do the same. McCain was speaking before supporters in Arizona. Sarah Palin, the senator’s presidential running mate, stood alongside him. However, she did not speak during the secession.

President Bush likewise congratulated Obama over the victory via telephone.

Obama is expected to address the nation sometime around midnight pacific standard time. Obama will appear in Chicago, Illinois to address supporters.

Barack Obama’s victory proceeds a lengthy and heated campaign and primary season. Obama will take office alongside his running mate, Senator Joe Biden.

Aides in the McCain camp foreshadowed a loss for the Senator earlier today, just as Obama seized Ohio.

Voter turnout in this election has been incredibly astounding. States are reporting a tremendous increase in voter turnout.

Some voters reported having to wait a few hours before being able to cast their ballots.

However, most poll centers reported very few problems.

The election of Barack Obama concludes one of the longest elections in history, spanning some twenty months.

Bernice King, daughter of the late Martin Luther King Jr., expressed her excitement for Obama’s success in the election via a live television interview with CNN. King’s voice was at times difficult to hear thanks to the roaring crowd directly behind her.

Obama sent a mass e-mail to all his supporters, thanking them for their help during the lengthy election process.

Barack Obama along with family made themselves present to a countless number of supporters Tuesday night in Chicago Illinois, in Obama’s first ever appearance since being elected. Michelle Obama was crying before the audience as they cheered on her husband. Obama’s younger daughters flashed their smiles before the roaring crowd.

Obama stirred up the crowd even further, claiming that “change has come to America.” Obama paid respect to Senator McCain for his fight in the 2008 election. Obama congratulated him and governor Palin for their work in the election. He said he hoped to work with both in the coming months.

The future president thanked his wife for the support she provided him in the campaign. Obama also promised his two daughters a puppy for when they move into the white house.

Obama claimed the election was not the “change we seek,” but rather the opportunity for us to bring about change.

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