Ashley Dupre Playboy Pictures

Most of you can probably recall the controversy surrounding former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, who after being exposed of hiring prostitutes for extra curricular entertainment resigned from his position. People are waiting in anticipation as the latest edition of Playboy hits store shelves, which features none other than the call girl which Eliot Spitzer enjoyed some time with while in office. This call girl, Ashley Dupre, was also at one time a columnist for The New York post. The Ashley Dupre Playboy Pictures are the talk of the town, with the latest edition of the magazine expected to boast 8 pages worth of sexy pictures. These are sure to get any guy’s heart racing. Dupre brags about her talent in bed in Playboy by saying “[she’s] very good at it.” Although now she claims she will preserve her talents for the “right” guy. It seems a little late to pretend to be classy.

The Huffington Post is running an interesting poll on the Ashley Dupre Playboy Pictures, asking its readers whether or not they will be picking up the latest issue. Most of the respondents, at least at the time of this writing, have claimed that they will be skipping out. We would like to hear your thoughts, so go ahead and chime in below if you have anything to share.

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