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There is a large surge of websurfers currently browsing the internet for aresanob. As usual, we conducted a bit of research and found that aresanob is merely a search query that a CSI cast member made during an episode. A character by the name of Bonasera apparently searched in the internet for “aresanob” at the end of a CSI episode. She searched for the name as it was the title of a sculpture she had seen earlier in the episode.

The odd thing is is that “aresanob” is her name spelled backwards. CSI fans will probably be able to draw more meaning from the title of this sculpture, hence we will stop there before we make any assumptions about the name. We thank the blogger at “The Glitch” for filling us in on info pertaining to “aresanob.”

Why there is a surge of traffic for the term at the moment remains to be seen. This was apparently featured on an episode back in 2006, so what ignited this “aresanob” search frenzy is beyond us. If you have any additional info, please let us know in the comments section!

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  1. doo doo brown

    Aresanob search surge on January 28 and 29, 2009 is due to a replay of the episode run on Spike!

  2. zigzag

    My roommate and I looked it up last time it ran, but we forgot to look up what episode number it was so we could watch the next one. That’s what we’re doing again after the next rerun lol!

  3. Saxman

    Aresanob was mentioned on two CSI-NY episodes: at the end of the episode that Stella’s boyfriend gave her a statue (he called the Aresanob) and lied that its name was Peruvian. She was hesitant to believe what he had told her, so she googled it when she got home. She first found the correct spelling of the word, and noticed it was her last name backwards. She then found a website the boyfriend had set up to display sex tapes he had secretly been shooting of them, at which point the episode cut to black. It came up again in the next episode where he breaks in to her apartment and tries to torture her for ultimately dumping him (chronologically, between the episodes). The rest is yours to find out by watching the episode.

  4. Scorpionne

    Episode of CSI was just replayed.. march 30 /09

  5. Phan

    The guy is sick and to think that i like him, DAMN!!

  6. GravityGirl

    I feel like a dumb ass now, I just got finished watching that episode and it left me wanting to know more….So I paused it and wrote the word down to research it….It does give me some comfort knowing Im not the only one…Its a shame someone so Hot was so deeply desturb.

  7. Cherry

    The episode is from season 2 episode 20. I didnt watch the nxt episode but i really wanna know wat Stella saw

  8. Lii

    Replay 7/01/10 good episode. He was too true to believe.

  9. Bowenlea

    This episode has just been aired, for the first time, in Australia.
    Maybe that’s why the surge in interest….

  10. STEVE


  11. Meredith

    It just aired again…how funny that it aired exactly one year after the first comment on this page.

  12. Jyaizen

    Thank U I totally forgot about the 2nd episode, my dunb azz was thinking it was so sweet that it was her last name backwards then her flipping out made me want 2 know what she saw 2. Thanks 4 the reminder, Hey anyone know what happens 2 Danny big Bro? I don’t remember & the reruns R not in sequence? Thanx again from CSI Fan with bad memory…

  13. Lucy

    I thought at first that what she saw on the computer and said, “Oh, my god!” to was that it was a porn site, but what about her name spelled backwards? I think her boyfriend who made the sculpture had secretly taped themselves in bed and put it on the internet.

  14. -->Keith

    OK… so for those who dont know. Aresanob IS the name os the site that Stella “stumbles” upon after search “google”. Her man was secretly taping their sex life. The episode after…. however long it was… Stella ends up killing him… and deals with the fact that she is sent to a crime scene where she gets cut with infected blood(hence, questions if she has AIDS). Good show!!
    “Lieutenant Dan is awesome!!”

  15. M Smith

    The episode mentioned here was: Run Silent, Run Deep (First Aired: April 19, 2006). It also just aired again tonight!! I hope I can catch the next one.

  16. amanda

    i just watched this episode for the first time in Bahrain… i didn’t even wait 60 secs before jumping to the computer to realize what the big deal was. i couldn’t wait for the next episode. now that i realize it was a porno thing, i get it. i don’t know if it was aired on the original, b/c here any sexually explicit content is censored on public tv, even kisses between married ppl. i’m glad so many ppl did the same thing, lessens the shame. thanks, y’all.

    ps @ Jyaizen, the episodes ends with Danny’s bro hurt really bad and Danny cries cause it seems like there’s no hope and he feels bad for hating his brother his whole life for hurting is feelings when in reality his bro was just protecting him… OH, DANNY IS SO FREAKING HOT. OH, OH, OH. I’m sorry. It’s part of the reason I’m addicted to the show. I like CSI Miami too…Mr. Adam Rodriguez’s character is hot stuff too. CARMINE GIOVINAZZO IS DANNY. OH, SOMETHING ABOUT THAT ITALIAN BOY. sigh.

  17. Hayl Rose

    I just saw it for the first time today, and looked it up. I was merely curious as to what I would find. The end of the episode was a cliffhanger of Stella staring at the computer screen with a surprised look on her face.

  18. Jay dubb

    Aired again today. I had seen it before, but didnt remember what it was about.
    Lt. Dan!

  19. SMN

    September 29, 2010 … midnight to 1 a.m. EST … it just aired again! First time I’ve seen this episode … just had to look up “aresanob” … okay, just wanted to let you all know … we’re the curious ones!

  20. Chaz

    It just aired again on TNT! I never saw this episode before tonight/this morning but I saw the one where she killed him. I looked up “aresanob” and found this website a few secs. before she looked it up on the tv screen! lol.

    (yea the guy was sick….)

  21. June

    The reason there are searches is because “aresnob” is mentioned in 2 episodes. In the first of the two, all you get is her reaction to “”. You don’t find out what it was until the next episode. And people don’t like to wait. So they search in the hopes that some other CSI fan has posted it. So, any time the first episode airs, you will see a surge in searches.

    As others said, she reacted that way because she discovered her boyfriend had been secretly taping their sex life, and posting the tapes online.

  22. valeskas

    Just looked at the episode today and I guess I was surprised, when Stella looked it up and she was very surprised about it. Go Lt. Dan

  23. Frankie

    It just aired on channed 5 in the UK at 12:45pm and I just had to look it up like everyone else.

  24. phrage

    episode was posted on you tube on 24/1/09—-end of story

  25. Rebecca

    It was just aired again in australia. 8/1/11. I noticed from the comments that it was aired in australia on this date last year too. Strange.

  26. dash

    “Arenasob” episod just aired on fox series.. Loved the drama at the end :)

  27. Zhalaya

    It’s strange how this plot is very similar to what is on the news at the moment about those boys who streamed that girl having sex. There is no sense of privacy these days, you cannot be too careful. Ever.

  28. Johan Nilsson

    Just saw the episode as a rerun in Sweden…and were a bit curious :-)

  29. Ingoboy

    Just replayd i sweden today. I had to google it.

  30. Prikyes

    It jst aired in Ghana on Viasat1 – 28th July

  31. fiib

    this really funny… I am in Ghana I bet most of you don’t even know where it is. well its in Africa now I watch the CSI episode and as soon as I hear the word and get the facial expression from the lady I also immediately Google it. guess this shows how curious the human nature truly is
    wow the power of TV. NICE
    friday july 29 2011.

  32. BIber

    Actually Aresanob was the ‘name’ of the satue her boyfriend gave her, but when she looked up on the computer, she realized it is her name spelled backwards and she found a video clip of her having s**… (I think.)

  33. Shy in Mississippi

    Well here it is Oct 31, 2011 and they aired it again. I too googled to find out what it meant. Just to find out it is a porn website (only on CSI thank goodness). If I had pulled up a porn site I would have freaked.

  34. Sharon

    Well, it’s now Tuesday, 04 December 2012 and it has just been on South African TV on SABC 3. I also “googled” it and found this site. Will definitely watch next week to see what happens.

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