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Aresanob – CSI Fans

By admin on January 28, 2009 | Listed under General | 44 Comments |

There is a large surge of websurfers currently browsing the internet for aresanob. As usual, we conducted a bit of research and found that aresanob is merely a search query that a CSI cast member made during an episode. A character by the name of Bonasera apparently searched in the internet for “aresanob” at the end of a CSI episode. She searched for the name as it was the title of a sculpture she had seen earlier in the episode.

The odd thing is is that “aresanob” is her name spelled backwards. CSI fans will probably be able to draw more meaning from the title of this sculpture, hence we will stop there before we make any assumptions about the name. We thank the blogger at “The Glitch” for filling us in on info pertaining to “aresanob.”

Why there is a surge of traffic for the term at the moment remains to be seen. This was apparently featured on an episode back in 2006, so what ignited this “aresanob” search frenzy is beyond us. If you have any additional info, please let us know in the comments section!

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