Applebees Serves Minor Alcohol

Applebees promised to be a little more cautious after they accidentally served a minor an alcoholic beverage. When the child’s parents requested apple juice for their son, he was instead given a margarita. Julian Mayorga started making odd faces and shoving the cup aside. After his parents examined the drink, they found it to smell like tequila.

The boy later vomited and was admitted into a hospital for treatment. Applebees executives blame the incident on a mix-up of the margarita bottles and the apple juice containers. The manager that was on duty accidentally poured alcohol from the margarita bottle instead of apple juice from the apple juice bottle. This is an honest mistake. But I really don’t know why they would place the apple juice bottle and the margarita bottles so close to each other. Everybody got lucky in this case, but had the parents not found out what the child ingested, things could have definitely taken an ugly turn.

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