AP English Language and Composition Exam

AP english lanugage exam

Students across the country are prepping for the AP English Language and Composition Exam that is set to be administered tomorrow. This course, typically designed for senior students in high school, is the equivalent of second year English course at the college level. Students who manage to successfully pass the test with a score of 3 or higher will be awarded college credits upon transfer to a college institution. The grading criteria for these tests varies, but the cut off score can be roughly translated to a grade of “C” or higher in the course. The number of students challenging themselves by taking AP course work has increased tremendously throughout the years, and with the cost of attending college rising, more and more students are seizing at the opportunity. More stringent admission requirements among the many reputable schools in the United States has also fueled a high demand for AP courses. The AP English Language and Composition Exam is one of the 31 exams available for students to take at the modest price of $80. The test is divided into portions – a multiple choice section and an essay section. Taken in May of each year, the tests are sent to the College Board for processing. Students are notified of their performance on a said exam via e-mail in July.

We can only hope that those of you scheduled to take the AP English Language and Composition Exam tomorrow will hit the books for a final refresher. Be sure not to overdo the studying and to get plenty of sleep. Cramming will do you no good at this point. Get ample amounts of sleep and have a wholesome breakfast to ensure you perform well on the AP English Language and Composition Exam!

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