8.4 Earthquake in California

california earthquake

Word has been going about on the social networking site Twitter that a powerful earthquake is set to strike California in the coming days. Talk of the “8.4 Earthquake in California” continues to be active on Twitter, although seismologists are denying that there is any validity to these rumors. While we have been having an abnormally high volume of earthquakes these last few months, from the one that devastated Haiti to the powerful tremor that rocked Chile. While seismologists from Caltech admit to the fact that earthquake activity has been prominent this year, with only thirty or so quakes above a magnitude over 4.0 in 2008 and 2009, they say there is no way to predict just how powerful an upcoming quake may be.

Concern has long been building that the San Andreas fault may give way, unleashing a massive quake that could devastate Southern California, among other regions in the state. Among the several powerful quakes that have struck throughout the world this year, the closest has been in Baja California, where a 6.9 earthquake was recorded. Although an 8.4 Earthquake in California might sound slightly bigger, it is actually hundreds of times more powerful. Now is the time to ensure you family is up to speed on earthquake procedures and what they should do in the event that a sizeable one strikes.

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