4 Missing Miners Found Dead

In another unfortunate incident that unraveled at a West Virgina mine earlier this week, twenty nine men who were workers at the Upper Big Ranch Mine have been confirmed dead. The final four deaths were confirmed today after officials had to postpone emergency rescue efforts due to dangerous conditions within the mine. Residents within West Virgina continued to rally for the survival of the four missing miners from the Upper Big Ranch mine. Crews at the mine will continue working throughout the week to recover the dead bodies of the 22 other miners which were also trapped following the explosion earlier last week. None of the miners were able to reach emergency chambers built within the mine that had food and other necessary survival supplies.

Funeral processions have already gotten underway for some of the workers who were lost in the tragic incident, the most recent on Friday.

An comprehensive investigation is currently underway into what exactly caused the explosion. According to reports that circulated earlier in the week, the Upper Big Ranch mine had been issued a number of violations by officials, few of which had been attended to properly or promptly.

We can only hope that mine owners begin to take any necessary steps to ensure their works are safeguarded against such tragedies in the future. Our hearts are with the families that lost loved ones in this horrible event.

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