Woman in Black: Daniel Radcliffe Proves After Harry Potter Series

Surely you know who Daniel Radcliffe is. He is the actor that has been famous for his role to be Harry Potter for more than 7 years. In that era, people love him as he acted really innocent and brave. Together with his friends, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, they made a history by becoming rich actors and actress in a young age. This is incredible; no one can forget their roles easily for year’s letter. Surely it is good and bad for two sides. When people really hard to forget their former role, it means they can show a good character and good acting on Harry Potter. But it is also bad because exactly it can make people underestimate them when they try a new role. It really happened then to Daniel Radcliffe. When he played in Broadway at a drama called Equs, everyone was just wondering can he show a good acting at a stage such Broadway?

Now after almost 2 years after the last Harry Potter sequel, Daniel Radcliffe back on stage. He played as Arthur Kipps on Woman in Black. This movie genre is horror. Through this movie you will see how good Daniel Radcliffe has transformed. This is awesome. If you still remember how Insidious was making us crazy because of the horror formula is really classic and scary, at Woman in Black you will see the same pattern and even it is 100% scarier. The story begins with Arthur who is taking care of a house named Eel Marsh House. This house is located in an island which is far away from everywhere. You can see the plot seems common. But the setting of 18th era will make you feel different condition then. Also the role of Daniel Radcliffe as a widower is really great. We can see how good he plays his role as an adult man. Although seeing him like that is rather strange.

Daniel Radcliffe carriers are starting from now. You can see how mature he is now. As the people around him is also getting old and they accept the changing of Dan. After this movie, Daniel is planned for surprising you with another movie. Although he is known for the mental health problem about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it is not defending him to continue his acting on Theatre, Movie, and many others. Just wait for the next project he will show us, you will be surprised then.

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