Walmart Gang Initiation

When police got wind of a possible Walmart Gang Initiation in the Tallahassee area, they sent alerts to nearby agencies to be prepared to respond to any incident. However, it turns out that this Walmart Gang Initiation was nothing but a rumor. Police in the area discovered that there was no credible evidence that a Walmart Gang Initiation would take place. So how did this rumor spread? According to several local media outlets, news of the possible Walmart Gang Initiation spread to residents via a text message distributed by an unknown party. It is not clear whether investigations would be conducted as to who sent this Walmart Gang Initiation text message.

Although the police are taking this as a mere rumor, they will be upping enforcement in the areas which they feel could be at risk. According to a local news station, the Walmart Gang Initiation text message warned residents of visiting Walmart “tonight.” The text message was as specific to say that 3 women would be killed during the Walmart Gang Initiation incident.

It is our hope that police will investigate who would distribute such an alarming message to residents. If the distributors of such information were doing it to merely scare residents, they should be subject to some jail time or at least some hefty penalties for getting residents and police all riled up. So, in closing, there is no credible evidence that this supposed Walmart Gang Initiation will occur tonight. So residents can sleep easy. However, remember to be at least somewhat cautious.

SMS Text Message

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6 thoughts on “Walmart Gang Initiation

  1. El Pinguo

    i got this text too. its just a stupid rumor started by some loser who has too much time in his hands.

  2. kerr

    It was spread in Birmingham, AL also today. I just received it a couple of hours ago.

  3. Ericka

    my mom got the text too! about 3 or 4 times, the scary part is my mother works at walmart

  4. Jasmine

    Just received it. Thought it looked odd so I looked it up. I am so angry that people are gullible enough to believe it and forward it. KNOW The signs people. Do your research before forwarding crap. Needless to say I told them not to forward me any more chain letters.

    It’s stupid enough that it happens over mail, now SMS. I’m so annoyed.

  5. Sarah Beath

    I work with homeless teens in Birmingham, Al and was told on 3 days before the text messages started not to go to Walmart this weekend, by client that I know for a fact is a member of a gang. So it may in fact be a hoax, however I wouldn’t doubt if Walmart was at one time a plan or a diversion for their real plan. I’m just saying, there could have been some merit to the original text message.

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