Status Update Rejected from Harvard

facebook status update

A few weeks back, we reported about a status update made on Facebook that got a student expelled from school. That story got a lot of attention, and we managed to brew quite a discussion on our own site about whether or not the student’s actions constituted an expulsion. Today word has been ablaze online about a student who was denied his admission to Harvard because he posted a an inappropriate update on the social networking site. It appears that a faculty member from the school spotted the update and referred the matter to his/her superiors. From what we can tell at the moment, this latest “Status Update Rejected from Harvard” story is nothing more than a spoof. There are no credible news sites reporting on the topic and therefore we have to assume its just some person trying to divert attention upon themselves. There are screenshots of this supposed Status Update Rejected from Harvard floating around on the internet. The one we found is completely blurred out, so it is difficult to tell what exactly the student said. A comment on the person’s page made by a friend warned him/her that schools are known for looking up prospective students online, and that someone from Duke University was supposedly denied admission due to some questionable material found online. We will give you a transcript of the status update below to help you determine its legitimacy. TRANSCRIPT: Jacob:I just got my admittance letters into Yale, Duke, Northwestern, Penn, and Columbia, Now Harvard is begging my ass to go to their school. Fully PAID SCHOLARSHIP. LOL. Hm…….Ahahahaha naw kiss my ass. Fu$k Harvard! I don’t need no harvard or no scholarship HAHA! No really though, I’m going to harvard guys. Wooooo! =D Noah: Don’t say that about harvard lol. I heard some colleges check facebook profiles and they could reject you for saying that….It’s been on the news. Some kid got admitted to Duke, but after he posted some pics of being drunk he got rejected. Be Careful. Mar 14 at 8:41pm Jacob: Hahaha don’t worry bro Mar 14 at 8:44pm

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