Single Ladies 7 Year Olds Video

beyonce knowles

A video that has made its way to YouTube is raising concern among parents who think it may direct the wrong message to their children. The video, which features some seven year old girls dancing to Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies” has been categorized by some as being extremely suggestive. The girls in the said video were part of the World of Dance competition. Not only are the girls seen attracting attention to their chest area through exaggerated movement, but the same effect is seen when they perform leg lifts, which direct attention elsewhere. Although there is almost unanimous agreement that the young ladies are talented as far as dancing is concerned, many share the opinion that the choreography and attire is far to suggestive for the age group. We couldn’t happen to agree more. Red bikinis and lace are best reserved for the adults. In an outrageous turn of events, some of the parents of the girls in the video have argued that there is no objectionable content in the routine. One parent said the routine was only intended to be viewed by a small audience and was otherwise supposed to be kept under warps.

At the time of this writing, the video had been removed from Youtube on a copyright claim, although it is available from other video syndication sites.

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