Rima Fakih Stripper Pictures Leaked Online

Rima Fakih

Yet another Miss USA controversy has materialized after Rima Fakih, Miss Michigan USA was crowned Miss USA 2010 yesterday. Racy pictures of Fakih hit the internet shortly after she was esteemed with the title. The pictures, taken at a stripping class subject to discussion on a radio show depicted Fakih in some very provocative clothing. According to Mojo in the Morning, the talk radio show which hosted the event, the pictures have been publicly available online since 2007. It was not until the beauty was crowned that the radio station posted a congratulations notice and for some reason decided to use the racy picture of Rima Fakih that they had on file.

So far, it seems that the pictures haven’t drastically altered the public opinion on Fakih. Many continue to congratulate her on the victory and realize that the circumstances surrounding the incident fail to indicate any sort of lapse in character. The radio station has said that the strip lessons occurred in a closed strip club that was open only to women during the lessons. So-in-all, while headlines are making this sound like some sort of juicy scandal, it is nothing more than a ploy to attract readers and stir controversy. There is no outrage warranted against Fakih given the circumstances as she was clearly not actively involved in anything morally questionable.

One thought on “Rima Fakih Stripper Pictures Leaked Online

  1. Lorena

    Rima Fakih is prtety, well more sexy than prtety, and for those who think it’s the same, well there’s a difference. Georgina Rizk is definitely prettier, I cannot even compare, she is a real beauty. Rima looks more like Kim Kardashian and I personally do not find this type of “beauty” particularly appealing, again they are “sexy”…period. There are many girls in Lebanon who are way prettier, classier, smarter, they just don’t participate in beauty pageants. Ivy is not a hater Donna and I totally respect her opinion, if you read her text carefully and attend to the semantics of it, she is proud of Rima and we all are. She just may not be the type of beauty that we relate to. Peace y’all.

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