Paula Goodspeed – American Idol Fan Suicide

American Idol hopeful Paula Goodspeed is believed to have killed herself outside American Idol host Paula Abdul’s home. Goospeed apparently caused disturbances in the area on multiple occasions.

According to an LAPD official, the last time they visited Abdul’s home on a disturbance call relating to Goodspeed was in July. Abdul is not believed to have a restraining order against Goodspeed.

Many believe Paula Goodspeed hinted at a suicide, or some derivative thereof, in a Myspace posting she made after being booted off American Idol. In the posting, Goodspeed described how hard it was hearing foul things about herself from others.

Further details surrounding Paula Goodspeed’s suicide are likely to become available in the coming days. Nevertheless, it is still a sad case. What she was doing near Paula’s house this time remains to be seen. However, according to her track record, one could only imagine what sort of intentions she had.

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