Natasha Richardson Top Chef Appearance

In the wake of the tragic death of Natasha Richardson, many of you are searching for Natasha Richardson top chef. Natasha Richardson, who died today at the young age of 45, once made a guest appearance on Top Chef. It was apparently quite memorable and surfers are taking an enormous interest to it. Apparently, Richardson was a guest judge on the show, which judges contestants on their ability to conjure up a tasty meal.

We’ve been unable to locate a Youtube video of the natasha richardson top chef appearance, however, we expect that some media outlets will begin allowing visitors to stream the video from their sites. The natasha richardson top chef appearance was made this last December during Christmas season. In the specific Top Chef episode, Natasha Richardson appeared alongside Martha Stewart.

Natasha Richardson appeared on the Top Chef show as a representative from AmFar. This organization is involved in conducing research on the AIDS virus.

Natasha’s death has had an enormous impact on the world as a whole and we strongly hope her family and friends stay strong as they are trying to cope with this tragedy. We are confident Mrs. Richardson would have been delighted to see just how large of a fan base she had all across the world.

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