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As most of you have undoubedly heard, Natasha Richardson passed away this afternoon after complications stemming from a skiing incident which occured Monday. The death has come as a shock to just about everyone. Nobody can really fathom at the moment how a simple ski accident caused this entire ordeal. Natasha Richardson was believed to be braid dead by doctors as a result of the skiing incident.

Sufers are trying to pinpoint what exact movies Natasha Richardson has starred in, and as such, are searching for Natasha Richardson Site IMDB is a very resourceful site and contains a large listing of Natasha Richardson’s movie credits. Some of the more notable ones listed on Natasha Richardson Site include the Parent Trap. Natasha Richardson starred in this move in 1998 alongside Dennis Quade.

Those of you having trouble gaining access to the Natasha Richardson Site as there are litterally millions of people worldwide attempting to gain access to the same page. It is worth a quick peek as it contains biographical information about Natasha Richardson as well as pictures and such. The Natasha Richardson Site is working on our end, however, it might be a bit slow loading up for others. It’s best to be patient.

We can only imagine what sort of grief Natasha Richardson’s family and friends are going though now that she has been pronounced dead. We encourage you to keep them in your prayers as they attempt to handle this very difficult ordeal.

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