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Watch Liz Hint at a Second Season!

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Paul, one of our readers, chimed in to say that Liz alluded to the possibility of a second season via UStream last night. She apparently tried to dodge any questions concerning the status of her relationship with co-star Bryson Gilreath. More updates as they become available.

Speculation is abuzz right now as to whether or not MTV will air a second season of My Life as Liz, a faux documentary of sorts depicting the life of an average teenager trying to make it through high school. The show has all of the elements you would expect from an MTV “reality show,” including obviously scripted scenes between Liz and the leader of a popular clique at school. Naturally, MTV worked in some romantic element as well – Bryson, who at the near conclusion of the first season is seen trying to chase after Liz after her and her date are leaving the venue. You couldn’t expect any other ending from a “reality show.” Really – do you think it’ s coincidental that after the first season of Laguna Beach, Lauren planned to move to San Fransisco, much like Liz is not contemplating a move to New York.

It appears that My Life as Liz has been received very well by the teenage population, which undoubtedly explains the possibility of another season. MTV has not made any public statements about the future of the show, but given the utmost positive reception, it’s a safe bet that a new season may well be on the horizon. If and when official word comes that My Life as Liz Season 2 is on its way, we will let you know!

my life as liz season 2

14 thoughts on “My Life as Liz Season 2

  1. Paul Hart

    Liz Lee was on her video blog site USstream last night after the season finale on MTV. Anytime anyone asked her if she had any kind of relationship with Bryson now (even though she’s in New York)… she just said, “I really can’t talk about that. That’s something y’all may find out in the future.” This leads me to believe there’s something in the works for a second season.

  2. Hanny

    Oh, please do the second season … I love liz lee and hopefully make

  3. Gabby

    I love Liz Lee. Even though there are definately scripted parts, the show is absolutely hilarious and the fact that I can watch it with my younger sisters means a lot. Liz is my inspiration to be different and she sends out the message that it’s okay to want to fit in, but being yourself is so much more fun. My sisters are inspired be her as well. I really hope that there’s gonna be a second season. Even though it’s not a real educational show it scores high with me cuz it has a good message.

    Love and Rockets,

  4. daniela villalobos

    Oh please we all want to see the second season,please I personally love liz its something funny to watch please please SECOND SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!SOON!!!!!!!!!

  5. kayla allen

    liz lee, you are my inspiration! Everyday you help remind me,its okay to be weird and yourself. And not care what people think, about what you wear or how you look. All that matters is if your happy with who you are (: hope you have a 2nd season.

  6. Karlee*

    I love my life as Liz! I CAN NOT wait for the second season!

  7. christy

    I love to watch the show with my teenage daughter. I hope there will be a second season.

  8. Liz

    Deve uscire per FORZA la seconda parte di my life as Liz!!!!!!!!!!!! Io AMO Liz Lee e anke tutti ii ragazzi di questo show..TUTTI noi vogliomo la seconda stagione!!!!!!!!!SECONDA STAGIONE SECONDA STAGIONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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