Miley Cyrus, Bret Michaels Duet

Bret Michaels Miley Cyrus

Parents of endearing Hannah Montana fans are on edge after learning that Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus worked on a musical collaboration together. Michaels, 46, believes there is nothing in the lyrics to raise any sort of alarm. Parents are saying otherwise, citing a mention of “[underessing]” in the lyrics. The ballad entitled “Nothin’ to Loose” was originally written by Michaels and sat dormant until Cyrus approached him, seeking permission to reproduce “Every Rose has It’s Thorn.” The two ended up producing this song. Michaels says that he didn’t go through the song with a fine tooth comb prior to going ahead with the project. This has obviously backfired.

Michael’s doesn’t necessairly have the reputation mothers of teenage girls would be approving of. Aside from his rockstar status during the 80s, his most recent stint on VH1 in Rock of Love didn’t exactly reflect any positive messages. The show ran for three seasons, the next more trash-laden than the previous.

Whether his failure to look over the song before getting started on the collaboration was a mistake or not may never be known. But only time will tell whether Miley Cyrus fans (and their parents) will get over the somewhat suggestive lyrical makeup.

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