Michael Jackson heart attack

The Michael Jackson heart attack is gaining major attention on a global scale. Michael Jackson was admitted to the hospital earlier today after he was found collapsed on the floor of his home. The Michael Jackson heart attack story first broke to the major news outlets a few hours ago. Some reports circulating claim that the pop star is merely in a coma. CNN has yet to confirm that Michael Jackson has died.

Michael Jackson fans are gathering outside the UCLA Medical Center, where a press conference is expected to take place later today. Jackson’s music was playing in the background as fans continued to gather. It is important to note that the Michael Jackson heart attack story refers to a cardiac arrest. A cardiac arrest differs from an actual heart attack in that it impedes all the heart’s function, as opposed to part of it. Many readers have become confused as to the Michael Jackson heart attack incident, and have begun classifying it as an heart attack as opposed to a cardiac arrest.

Some of Jackson’s family members have indicated that Jackson was ill in the weeks prior to the Michael Jackson heart attack event. We have yet to hear any family member speak relative to this disturbing news. According to an individual close to the family, each member is entirely distraught. This individual was unable to confirm as to whether or not the Michael Jackson dies story was true.

Recent amateur footage indicates that Jackson was beyond saving when paramedics arrived at his home. The footage shows paramedics backing out of Jackson’s driveway. We are closely following the Michael Jackson heart attack incident and will post updates as they become available.

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  1. ryan

    i love michael jackson, and im really sorry he is dead, he was a legend and wrote many meaningful songs in his time.

    I hope that the media will create a truibute or montage of his works for all the world to enjoy.

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