Michael Jackson Cardiac Arrest DEAD

Major media outlets are reporting that Michael Jackson has died as a result of cardiac arrest. According to paramedics, the entertainer was found dead inside his home. Paramedics attempted to revive him on his way to UCLA Medical Center, however, were unsuccessful. Jackson was 50 years old. According to CNN.com, Jackson suddenly collapsed at his home. According to early reporters, a staff member at the Jackson home was first to notify paramedics.

The Michael Jackson cardiac arrest dead story is spreading like wildfire, and more and more details are becoming available by the hour. CNN has yet to confirm that Michael Jackson has died as a result of the cardiac arrest. Hospital officials have made it clear that they are not authorized to divulge the condition of their patient.

We will be keeping a very close eye on the Michael Jackson dies story and will update this post as new details become available. For the time being, we would appreciate and response our readers may have to this horrific event.

UPDATE: The Los Angeles times has just confirmed that Michael Jackson Dies story, however CNN has yet been able to confirm the authenticity of these reports. A crowd is said to be forming nearby Jacksons house, which is currently being guarded by police. The Michael Jackson dies of cardiac arrest story is also leading people to visit the UCLA Medical Center, where it is said that Jackson has died.

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