Leah Lust Video and Pics

People are frantically searching for the Leah Lust video, which is nothing more than an adult production that features a former teacher. The background story surrounding the Leah Lust video is a rather tragic one that other women have probably found themselves in during these hard economic times. Leah Lust is the stage name of Tiffany Shepherd, who not to long ago was a teacher. To help supplement her teaching income following a bad divorce, she took on a job at a fishing company that required her to wear provocative clothing. Her school found out about this and gave her the boot. With no money to pay for her kids, Tifanny Shepherd started making Leah Lust videos (ie. she entered the adult entertainment segment).

This is a sad state of affairs as most of you would agree. While most of you are innocently searching for the lea lust free video, or the leah lust trailer, you can’t help but feel bad for this mother. According to her, she had submitted over 2,000 resumes to potential employees to help secure a position. Now, this is an educated a women. So before you go making judgment calls, remember that Leah Lust as her alter-ego is known is entering the adult field for much more than initially meets the eye. Tiffany Shepherd made a sincere effort to find a job but couldn’t, so she had to take desperate measures.

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