How Long is Iron Man 2?

tony stark iron man 2

Lines are forming at movie theaters within the United States as audiences gather to see the latest installment of Iron Man, based on the Marvel comic book. The film promises to deliver not only in the special effects department but also in plot development. Inventor Tony Stark, head of Stark Industries, faces growing pressure from the government to release his creation. In the meantime, he must also battle a new enemy. The first film wooed audiences beyond expectation, generating nearly $600 million worldwide. Iron Man 2 has performed equally well thus far, generating over $100 million in overseas ticket sales in a matter of forty eight hours. If that’s anything to go by, the film may very well usurp The Dark Knight which currently holds the record for most ticket revenue in its opening weekend – $155 million.

As the crowds gather, there appears to be an unusual number of people asking How Long is Iron Man 2? Since it premieres in most theaters at midnight tonight, its a fairly reasonable question, although running time is usually printed on the ticket. If you’re one of those unfortunate few who still cant seem to find How Long is Iron Man 2, have no fear! According to online sources, it will run for approximately 124 minutes. We hope everyone enjoys the film and gets home safely after watching it.

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