Heroes Cancelled: Show on Chopping Block

hayden panettiere

NBC has announced that it will cancel the show Heroes, which features Hayden Panettiere. The show which debuted in 2006 skyrocketed in ratings, although the effect tapered off into the second season and to this day. According to HollywoodReporter.com, writers for the show were continually challenged in retaining audience members. It appears that there was never a single thing that continued to move the plot forward. Other publications report that fans tried to voice their frustrations with the storyline, although their cries went unheard, to the ultimate detriment of the show. Many consider it a pity to see the show go when it seemed to have so much potential at first.

NBC has said that it intends to let the show go out with a bang. It’s currently unclear as to what exactly the network is planning, but a special or movie may well be in the works. The show just ended its fourth season this past February, for a grand total of 77 episodes. Hopes were high that the show would return for a fifth season, which would pick up from when Claire reveals her supernatural abilities to the media. Obviously, this lack of closure in the storyline warrants a mini series or movie. We will have to wait and see what NBC has in store for fans of the show.

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