Greyson Chance on Ellen

Greyson Chance

Upcoming teen sensation Greyson Chance appeared on Ellen today, performing his rendition of the Lady Gaga song “Paparazzi.” Chance captivated online audiences after posting his acoustic version of the song on Youtube. He had performed the song for students at his school, who were obviously moved by its intensity. A teacher emceeing the event was heard exclaiming that Chance taught Lady Gaga lesson after the sixth grader stepped off stage. Chance has had formal instruction in piano playing, although he admittedly has no background in singing, despite having composed his own lyric laced songs including a particularly powerful one about a cancer victim.

Chance told Ellen of how he learned about the show’s interest in his video in math class. Chance’s mom sent the youngster a text letting him know that she had been contacted by the producers of Ellen. After arriving home from school, Chance was told to pack in anticipation for his flight to Los Angeles, where the Ellen show is produced. According to the sixth grader, this was his first time flying.

Chance got a chance to talk to none other than Lady Gaga on the phone, who praised him for his talent and advised him to stay focused and away from girls. It is unclear whether they intend to have any musical collaboration in the future.

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