exiled.mtv.com – MTV Show Premieres

It’s quite obvious that MTV’s new show Exiled has become a hint, considering the large volume of people searching for exiled.mtv.com, MTV’s site for the show. We saw the premiere episodes for the Show, whose website is again located at exiled.mtv.com, and can tell you that it was rather satisfying. To see these spoiled girls actually have to do something is quite relieving, considering their parents have had to financially back them since they were toddlers.

Hopefully, Exiled will teach these spoiled brats how they need to behave. They’ve all become so accustomed to burning their parents money that it’s a second nature to them. While the show does appear to be real in nature, MTV’s Exiled (exiled.mtv.com) may indeed be scripted, something we hope it is indeed not. We hope that the show is real and was designed to teach these girls a lesson or two. We ourselves would be disgusted if we had some children that were accustomed to such a grand lifestyle without them putting in any effort on their part.

We think Exiled will turn out to be an extremely popular show on MTV. We can assume that since so many people are searching for exiled.mtv.com, that the show is already proving to be a big hit. We will be following along watching Exiled to see if any further interesting details emerge from the show. How the girls turn out after they’ve been through the Exiled experience remains to be seen, however we do wish that it will turn out for the better.

It’s quite ridiculous to think these girls, who were feature on “Sweet 16,” are well into adulthood and unable to support themselves without their parents help. This experience needs to be a wakeup call to them to get their lives back in order.

That’s about all we have to say about Exiled for now. Check MTV’s exiled website, exiled.mtv.com, for more details on the show and when it airs. If you haven’t seen the show yet, we encourage you to watch as it is quite entertaining.

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