Brittany Murphy Dead from Cardiac Arrest

We have some tragic news to report this morning, Brittany Murphy known for her roles in movies like 8 mile, where she co-starred alongside Eminem has died today of what appears to be cardiac arrest. Murphy was 32. According to paramedics, the starlet was discovered unconcious inside the shower by her mother. Resuscitation attempts failed. All this unfolded at about 8 a.m. this morning. Paramedics retrieved Murphy from her husband Simon Monjack’s house. It was unclear at the time of their arrival whether other factors may have been at play, possibly causing the heart attack.

This news comes in the midst of tragic events that unfolded earlier this year, including the unexpected passing of Michael Jackson in June, who also died of cardiac arrest. It was later determined that his physician, Dr. Conrad Murphy, had been illegaly supplying Jackson anesthesia to help treat his insomnia.

Speculation continues to run abuzz about the exact cause of this heart attack. Some suspect drugs may be the cause of this untimely death. Others have indicated that perhaps Murphy’s weight played some role in her death. We can only continue to guess until an investigation gets underway.

For the time being, our hearts are with her family. We expect a tremendous outpouring from fans to materialize in the wake of this tragedy. We will immediately post any information that comes through which we feel is based in fact rather than speculation. You are encouraged to share what you have to say about this tragedy or to Brittany Murphy’s family below.

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