Bigfoot Press Conference – Proving a legend

Some big foot enthusiasts are planning to hold a bigfoot press conference this afternoon, to showcase what they say is the actual body of the bigfoot creature. The bigfoot press conference will be held in Palo Alto, CA this afternoon. The group claims that they have DNA evidence as well as photographs that show that the fictional creature does indeed exist. What makes us curious is where exactly this group found the body. Our guess is at a costume shop.

Internet surfers managed to unplug the Bigfoot site yesterday when they flooded it looking for pictures of the creature. Today, the site is once again online and it appears that the bigfoot press conference is still underway. The site now also actually has descriptions of the bigfoot creature, which portray it to be heavy and flat footed. They’ve also painted a nice picture of what it would be like for the bigfoot creature to cower over you, considering they claim that it stands at over 7 feet tall.

We are looking forward to watching bigfoot press conference the moment it becomes available. e, as everyone else have extreme doubts whether this group of enthusiasts has actually found the real thing or is fabricating a story. The bigfoot press conference appears to still be scheduled, so we’ll stay on top of it and keep you posted in the event that we find something new, which is likely.

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