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In what appears to be an accidental yet embarrassing mistake, Crystal Defanti of Isabelle Jackson Elementary School sent her kids home with a compilation of video memories accumulated throughout the school year. What Crystal Defanti didn’t know was that the very video she sent the kids home with contained sexually explicit video. According to the teacher, the video documented her having sexual intercourse with another individual. The six second portion of the DVD was brought to Crystal Defanti’s attention after a concerned parent had called her.

Parents have been asked to dispose of the Crystal Defanti video. It is unclear as to how many children actually viewed the disturbing portion of the DVD. Presently, it appears as though Crystal Defanti will not be held responsible for her mistake. However, it is unclear why she failed to review the final DVD before distributing copies to her children.

Elk Grove Unified School district officials have given little indication that Crystal Defanti will lose her job as a result of this incident. The district has informed those in posession of the Crystal Defanti video to immediately destroy it. We will be following updates on this story and will make changes to this post as necessary.

Many of you have been looking for the Crystal Defanti facebook profile. We have yet to track this down. Those of you who have been able to locate the Crystal Defanti profile are asked to comment below as to help direct those interested in viewing the profile.

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