Walmart Shooting Gang Initiation

As we reported yesterday, many people across the country have been alarmed about a walmart shooting gang initiation text message which has been traveling around. Let us reassure you again that the walmart shooting gang initiation fear is irrational. Police departments have been receiving calls from worried persons questioning the validity of the text message they received. Hoaxes like this have happened in the past, and have similarly sparked fear in message recipients.

The walmart shooting gang initiation text was obviously distributed by someone whose sole goal was to spark fear in people. There is absolutely no excuse for someone to panic people without reason. It is unclear where investigations are underway to pinpoint the culprit that’s responsible for sending the walmart shooting gang initiation text message. Whomever or whatever individual or group is behind this can expect to suffer some rather severe consequences for spreading such malicious information.

Credible evidence as to the validity of the walmart shooting gang initiation has yet to come forward, and police departments are advising people to remain calm and continue about their daily lives. Some of our readers reported to have received the text message yesterday, while others today. Folks, you’re putting undue pressure on your police departments for something they cannot control. Supress your urge to give them a ring. This is merely misinformation that’s spreading around because someone thought it would be funny to play a prank.

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