USA Swimming Sex Scandal

A recent 20/20 interview documenting the details of an apparent sex scandal within the USA Swimming organization has left many in a state of utter disbelief. Molestation and prying are but two of the accusations to come from former and current swimmers, including Brooke Taflinger, who was interviewed for the 20/20 piece. Talflinger was among several swimmers from an Indiana high school to have been secretly filmed by coach Brian Hindson. Hindson, through the use of a hidden camera, filmed his swimmers taking showers in the girl’s locker room. It wasn’t until Hindson sold one of his computers containing some of the graphic images that officials were able to uncover the true extent of his activities. Hindson is currently serving a 33 year sentence for charges stemming from his peeping activities at the high school.

Although this story is disturbing in itself, there appears to be a far lengthier history within the USA Swimmers organization when it comes to sexual misconduct. There have been nearly thirty five incidents of sexual wrongdoing in the past decade, all of which resulted in permanent bans for the coaches that were involved. It is unclear how many of them faced criminal charges following their departure from the organization.

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