University of Alabama in Huntsville School Shooting

There is some tragic news out of Alabama today, where 3 students from the University of Alabama in Huntsville were shot dead by what police identified as a female. It is not clear at this time whether the University of Alabama shooting was a student rampage. According to CNN, the incident unfolded in Shelby Hall at the school. Police have said that other students witnessed the shooting, which took place at 4:15pm. Please check back soon for further details on the University of Alabama school shooting. We will post further information, including the victims involved as well as information on the perpetrator, as it becomes available to media outlets.

We are hearing from MSNBC that 2 students were involved in the crime, however, police have yet to be able to identify any specific motive.

UPDATE: MSNBC is now reporting that a women, who police are saying was a staff member at the school, was first to discharge a weapon. She is currently being held for questioning, along with another male suspect. According to reports, she fired a gun after learning the University wouldn’t grant her tenure during a staff meeting. A student at the school claims to have heard the gunshot, and the subsequent screams emerging from the room. The teacher is believed to be part of the science department at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. More details as they become available/

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  1. Mary Kathryn

    i realize that this is after the fact but i attended UAH at the time at the person needs to get their fact straight. no students were killed in the shooting.

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