Tiffany Marie Souers – Man admits to strangling

A South Carolina sex offender admitted to strangling Tiffany Marie Souers Tuesday, nearly two years after the murder. Jerry Buck Inman, a thirty seven year old with a history of violent crimes killed Tiffany Marie Souers in her college apartment in 2006. Inman killed the twenty year old girl by strangling her with a bikini top. Souers body was left on campus to be later found.

Jerry Inman pleaded guilty to not just murder, but several other counts including kidnapping and rape. Inman’s sentence is expected to be severe, with some speculating that he may recieve the death penatly, something we believe he rightfully deserves. Inman is expected to be sentenced in September.

Inman’s psychiatrist, Donna Scwartz-Watts, claims that Inman actually wants to die. It acually seems that we may be rewarding him for his deed should he recieve the death penatly. Then again, this may be a ploy to keep his sentence at life in prison.

Police arrested Inman in the death of Tiffany Marie Souers after they matched DNA found in her apartment to that of Inman’s. Her body was discovered in her campus apartment in May of 2006. Inman was apprehended in Tennesse after police spent two weeks trying to uncover the perpetrator.

This is not Inman’s first time being involved in violent crimes. He spent nearly 20 years of his life in jail, serving time for rape-related crimes. Nine months following his last release, Inman once again found himself in trouble after killing Souers at her college campus.

Inman is also currently facing charges in other rape crimes, which occured in two different states.

It’ll be interesting to see what sort of sentence Inman recieves for the killing of Tiffany Marie Souers. The jury might feel inclined to give him life in prison, given his wishes to die. However, as we’ve said before, this may be his shot at saving himself from the death penalty. We wouldn’t think twice about giving Inman the death penatly, given the severity of this crime and his history of involvement in other, equally disturbing crimes.

Given what friends have said about Tiffany Marie Souers, one can derive that this was a very selfless crime. She was loved by all at her college campus, and thus friends had a very difficult time fathoming who could commit such a crime. Tiffany Marie Souers was a civil engineering student with probably a bright future ahead of her. It’s a real pity that her future was shattered by such a monster of an individual.

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