Rapper King Tut Suicide

Rapper King Tut, a member of the R&B group known as The Diplomats died yesterday after killing himself amidst a police standoff in New York. The rap star was only 23 years old. Police were after Rapper King Tut for allegedly having assaulted a woman using a deadly weapon. Prior to the formation of the allegations, Rapper King Tut had been released from police custody after serving a sentence for drug possession. This initial arrest occurred in February, after police found the rapper in possession of the controlled substance cocaine concealed within a stuffed animal.

Rapper King Tut was occupying a taxi cab when SWAT members surrounded the vehicle, according to AllHipHop.com. A member of the SWAT taskforce then noticed Rapper King Tut aim a gun at himself and proceed to shoot.

It is unclear whether, Rapper King Tut, whose real name is Darnell Brittingham, was guilty in respect to assaulting the said woman after his arrest. Funeral arrangements for Rapper King Tut have yet to be announced.

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