Pictures of Nikki Catsouras Accident

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Some rather gruesome photos of a young woman who was involved in an auto wreck in 2006 have found their way to the internet. The CHP is believed to have leaked the photos online. The picture depict a young Nikki Catsouras after a serious collision with another vehicle and a toll booth. The pictures of nikki catsouras accident are extremely graphic and show just how much physical damage a car accident can wrought on a person. The family of Nikki Catsouras has been exploring their legal options in respect to stopping the spread of the photos. An unidentified person allegedly e-mailed the pictures of Nikki Catsouras to her parents.

Nikki Catsouras Car accident

The car accident occurred following a confrontation Catsouras had with her parents. The day prior to the accident, Catsouras had been using a controlled substance. In an attempt at intervention, her family informed her that they’d be seeing a specialist the following day. In an act of protest, Nikki Catsouras stole her father’s Porsche automobile and proceeded to speed away from her home. That is the last anyone every saw of this young woman.

It is believed that Nikki Catsouras lost control of the vehicle and ran into a toll booth. She struck another vehicle in the process. It is without question that she died upon impact, as evidenced by the photos that were leaked. The question still remains what would motivate someone to release such graphic Nikki Catsouras car crash photos. As far as we are concerned, the public has no business in being able to gain access to such photos. Family members of Nikki Catsouras have suffered considerably from the leak of these photos, and for people to continue redistributing them is without question inappropriate.

Word has been going around that Nikki Catsouras “deserved” what she had coming for her. This is obviously a highly inconsiderate comment and one that bears scrutiny. We hope to see that the spread of such hateful comments stops, for the sake of not only Nikki Catsoura’s family, but for others who are closely associated with the family. It is unconviecable as to what people hope to gain by spreading around the Nikki Catsouras gruesome photos. They can serve no purpose other than to appease an odd fascination which some people may have. We encourage those of you searching for Nikki Catsouras car crash photos to be considerate and not spread these photos for the mere purpose of admiring the gruesomeness of the scene.

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  1. kaylA

    omg dats wat happend wen u do drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Brandy Baker

    Really have a heart. I do you know what she was doing. No one deserves death, and no family deserves your heartless comment. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting something like that.

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