Paige Birgfeld Body Found

paige bergfeld

There is an unconfirmed report circulating online at the moment that the body of Paige Birgfeld has been found. Birgfeld, a Grand Junction, Colorado resident, disappeared in June of 2007 and with little for police to go by, the case went cold. Birgfeld, a 34-year old mother was headed to see her ex-husband the same day she vanished. According to reports, the two were in talks about reviving their relationship. The following day, Birgfeld’s automobile was discovered ablaze in a parking lot. Police weren’t able to recover many clues from the scene. When a search team was dispatched to try and locate any of Birgfeld’s belongings, volunteers were able to recover membership cards and the like from a Highway median. Eventually, a gun was also discovered. Since that time, police have come across very little in the case, and as we might imagine, this poor woman’s family continues to wonder what might have happened.

Birgfeld was a successful business women that operated a successful acupuncture business up until her disappearance. Perhaps her successful career could have made her a prime target for criminals. We will have to wait and see whether or not the Paige Birgfeld Body Found story is confirmed. We can’t imagine how eager Birgfeld’s family must be to finally get some closure in this horrible disappearance. Updates as they become available.

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